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  Hear the Conversation 10:14 min – 14 mb mp3 Austin Angeloff is ten years old and suffers from Mitochondrial disease. His mom Gen, explains. “Mitochondrial disease is a metabolic disorder. The body doesn’t make enough energy. So for him, if he gets just a simple cold—his body is too busy trying to fight off […]

  Hear the Conversation 12:12 min – 16.7 mb mp3 Denae Friedheim is the interim director and farm manager at the Student Organic Farm at Michigan State University. Denae majored in biology and sociology, yet ended up running the show at the Student Organic Farm. “I came to food through the lens of public health. […]

  Hear the Conversation 5:38 min – 7.7 mb mp3 Jack Koester, Bob Van Arkel and Lynn Harvey are Farm Lane Society members, and participants in the Michigan State University College of Agriculture and Natural Resources Alumni Association Golfing for Scholarships annual best ball scramble. Jack Koester, a past director of the CANR alumni board, […]

  Hear the Conversation 5:36 min – 7.7 mb mp3 Leo Pasch and Brian Devine are Farm Lane Society members and participants in the Michigan State University College of Agriculture and Natural Resources Alumni Association Golfing For Scholarships annual best ball scramble. Leo Pasch, a past board member of the CANR, grew up on a […]

  Hear the Conversation 13:56 min – 19.1 mb mp3 John French is the curator at the Moist Towelette Museum, plays a mean ukulele, and is also the planetarium production coordinator at the Abrams Planetarium at Michigan State University. How exactly did John come up with the idea for a Moist Towelette Museum? While working […]

  Hear the Conversation 11:16 min – 15.4 mb mp3 Carey Mitchelson, a 1979 graduate of the Turfgrass Management program at Michigan State University, is the director of operations at College Fields Golf Club and the president of the Michigan Turfgrass Foundation. While at MSU, he played on the Spartan golf team. Hitting the books, […]

  Hear the Conversation 14:20 min – 19.6 mb mp3 The Horse Tales Literacy Project combines excitement from two different areas—horses and books. Throw in 120 local first graders visiting the Michigan State University Horse Teaching and Research Center, and you have the makings of elementary equine entertainment. Nine stops greeted the youthful visitors—everything from […]

  Hear the conversation 5:40 min – 7.8 mb mp3 Todd Forbush grew up in Byron, Michigan on a dairy farm. He replaced his desire to be a hog farmer with being an engineer. “So there was a building called the Agriculture Engineering building at Michigan State University. I had come up to different things […]

  Hear the conversation 4:37 min – 6.3 mb mp3 Patricia Orlowitz grew up in suburban Detroit and landed on the campus of Michigan State University as an undetermined major within the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources. “Because I knew that was a sector that I liked. And I come from a family of […]

  Hear the conversation 21:45 – 29.8 mb mp3 John Shelle came from a rather large family that included ten sisters and three brothers. His sisters helped him get his start in the horse industry. “The best thing about my upbringing is that I learned very early in life the woman’s place is any place […]

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