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  Hear the conversation 5:40 min – 7.8 mb mp3 Todd Forbush grew up in Byron, Michigan on a dairy farm. He replaced his desire to be a hog farmer with being an engineer. “So there was a building called the Agriculture Engineering building at Michigan State University. I had come up to different things […]

  Hear the conversation 4:37 min – 6.3 mb mp3 Patricia Orlowitz grew up in suburban Detroit and landed on the campus of Michigan State University as an undetermined major within the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources. “Because I knew that was a sector that I liked. And I come from a family of […]

  Hear the conversation 21:45 – 29.8 mb mp3 John Shelle came from a rather large family that included ten sisters and three brothers. His sisters helped him get his start in the horse industry. “The best thing about my upbringing is that I learned very early in life the woman’s place is any place […]

  Hear the conversation 11:41 – 16 mb mp3 Ron Goldy is stationed at MSU’s Southwest Michigan Research and Extension Center and works with the vegetable industry. “In working with them, I will do field trials at the research station, variety trials, nutrition trials, new technology trials and new crop trials.” Another important aspect of […]

  Hear the conversation 21:20 – 29.2 mb mp3 As a young man, Dr. Luke Reese worked at a lumber mill as a timber cutter and shares the toughest aspect in this line of work. “It was the summertime in North Carolina, so the toughest thing would be when you got into a swarm of […]

  Hear the conversation 17:42 min – 24.3 mb mp3 Before Dr. Gail Riegle started taking classes at Michigan State University as a graduate student, he spent time growing up on a dairy farm in Iowa. And the main lesson learned? “Responsibility. Accountability. There are people and animals that were depending on you and you […]

  Hear the Conversation 21:28 – 29.5 mb mp3 Nancy Creed is an office assistant in the Department of Agriculture, Food and Resource Economics at Michigan State University. Barb Lehman retired from ANR Communications in the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources. They are sisters and have been employed as Spartans for quite a number […]

  Hear the Conversation 13:08 – 18 mb mp3 Ben Bixby is a front-end web developer in the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources at Michigan State University. According to Ben, his interest in the field began at a young age. “I started really kind of learning and experimenting when I was 15, 16 years […]

  Hear the Conversation 19:47 – 27.1 mb mp3 Kurt Stepnitz is the senior photographer at Michigan State University, and his undergraduate degree is in Geology? “It was kind of a point where I was between interests in photography. I actually did start in photography and studied it in the Detroit area. But I lost […]

  Hear the Conversation 14:44 – 20.2 mb mp3 Don Ricks first stepped on the campus of Michigan State University as a no-preference major in 1954. He quickly became an agriculture economics major. “I grew up on a fruit farm so I wanted to become a fruit farmer, but I wanted to be an educated […]

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