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Hear the Conversation 24:10 – 13.8 mb mp3 By Hannah Watts “There was a magical aura. We were all on ‘cloud nine’, so happy for the team, for the university and for the program,” Todd Duckett says. The Spartans haven’t seen the likes of the Rose Bowl since 1988, and Spartans scattered around the globe […]

Hear the Conversation 30:00 – 17.1 mb mp3 Spartan Dawgs Andre Hutson, Todd Duckett and Tim Bograkos talk with a parent and student-athlete who they’ve worked with at SNAPP. Dominic Lee is a freshman football player at Okemos, and his dad is Mike. Dom likes to be physical when playing sports, so he has gravitated […]

Hear the Conversation 54:06 – 30.9 mb mp3 Spartan Dawgs Andre Hutson, Todd Duckett and Tim Bograkos share their memories from the MSU/Michigan rivalry. And they invite fellow Spartan Dawgs Jehuu Caulcrick, Dan Conroy, Craig Thomas, Aric Morris, and Todd’s brother Tico to share theirs, too. “Something that fuels the hatred is that those guys […]

Hear the Conversation 23:50 – 13.6 mb mp3 Can college athletes benefit financially in some way from jersey sales and likeness usage in video games? Spartan Dawgs Andre Hutson, Todd Duckett, and Tim Bograkos continue their discussion prompted by the proposed settlement in the EA Sports lawsuit brought by Sam Keller and Ed O’Bannon. O’Bannon […]

Hear the Conversation 21:58 – 12.5 mb mp3 Spartan Dawgs Tim Bograkos, Todd Duckett and Andre Hutson discuss the ramifications of the Ed O’Bannon/EA Sports case. Are athletes exploited when their brands and likenesses are used to make money for others? Electronic Arts Sports and Collegiate Licensing Company have settled all claims brought against them […]

Hear the Conversation 20:45 – 11.8 mb mp3 Spartan Dawgs Andre Hutson, Todd Duckett, and Tim Bograkos answer questions from listeners. The Dawgs describe their most awkward moments as a student athletes, their favorite road trips and visitors venues to play in, best and worst opposing fans, best trash-talking incidents, and favorite memories from the […]

Hear the Conversation 23:34 – 13.5 mb mp3 “Does the sports culture decrease your ability to show your emotion?” asks Tim Bograkos. “Yes, to some extent, but we need to show them anyway,” says Todd Duckett. “We experience the highest of highs when we win and the lowest of lows when we lose, and it’s […]

Hear the Conversation 19:29 – 11.1 mb mp3 Spartan Dawgs Andre Hutson, Todd Duckett, and Tim Bograkos talk about Johnny Football and whether college athletes should benefit financially from their personal brand. “Should Manziel be able to sell his own likeness?” asks Bograkos. “I don’t get the whole idea of autographs to begin with,” says […]

Hear the Conversation 27:58 – 16 mb mp3 Spartan Dawgs podcast hosts Tim Bograkos, Todd Duckett and Andre Hutson reflect on the messages and advice gleaned from their guests through the first few months of their regular podcast conversations. “The common theme from all them is the importance of work ethic,” Hutson says. Among the […]

Hear the Conversation 24:40 – 14.1 mb mp3 WILX-TV anchorman and MSU alumnus Jason Colthorp joins Spartan Dawgs Tim Bograkos, Andre Hutson, and Todd “T.J.” Duckett for a conversation on where news and media is today and where it’s headed. “The social media have changed a lot of how we present the news now,” Colthorp […]

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